Tokyo Anime Odyssey (2024)

Embark on a captivating journey through “Tokyo, Anime Odyssey” – where Iranian tales and Tokyo’s vibrant energy collide, giving life to Anime-style characters adorned with motifs inspired by both worlds. Each garment is a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation, weaving together the graceful intricacies of Iranian artistry with the dynamic allure of Tokyo’s landscapes. Step into this realm of wonder, where fashion meets heritage, and let “Tokyo, Anime Odyssey” whisk you away on an enchanting adventure through parallel universes of imagination and style.

  • B&A Tokyo Hawaii Shirt 159
    • 100%  Eco Cotton
    • Allover Print Pattern
    • Mother of Pearl Buttons
    • Modern Interpretation of an Ancient Iranian Motif
    • Great Piece for Collectors
    • Designed in Berlin, Made in EU
    • Fair Trade

    The pattern of this one of a kind Hawaii shirt shows the modern interpretation of the story of Bahram & Azadeh, an ancient Iranian story also mentioned in Shahnameh (Ferdowsi’s Book of Kings).

    This Shirt has been made of 100%  certified cotton, using an environmentally friendly printing process, and finally carefully hand-tailored to become a unique work.

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  • Tokyo Alternative Costume X 320

    Introducing our exquisite designer costume, meticulously crafted to blend traditional Japanese armor aesthetics with contemporary influences. Inspired by Gusoku armor, its form exudes a timeless elegance. Adorned with a captivating graphic depicting Bahram V, the Iranian King, and his beloved Azadeh, against the backdrop of majestic Mount Fuji, each detail tells a story steeped in history and romance. The accompanying Japanese text intricately weaves the narrative of this masterpiece. Designed for both beauty and functionality, it includes two additional bands for a customizable fit, ensuring every wearer feels empowered and alluring. Experience the fusion of artistry and heritage with this exceptional garment.

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