Cushion Kashi – 40x40cm

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‏The cushion ‘Kashi’ depicts a fused design in a uniquely unusual structure, in which the oriental forms are characterized with the western colors and shapes, creating a fresh modern looking Kashi, introducing an infusion concept, linking the East and the West. .



The unique cushion ‘Kashi’ has a remarkable oriental yet a still  modern design. ‘Kashi’ is the Persian word for ’tile’. It is common in both historic and modern Iranian architecture. As a result  Kashi is an important part of the Iranian art and culture.

‏Environmentally friendly printined, on a very soft fabric.

Carefully hand-tailored to become a unique cushion.

It is 40cmx40cm in size and the zipper is concealed.

You can read more about Qashani (art of tiles) here on Wikipedia.

Read more about the Collection East Meets West.


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